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Privacy policy

  Privacy policy: Data we collect . Data about your account and game progress Your IP address and mobile device identifiers (such as your device ID, advertising ID, MAC address, IMEI) Data about your device, such as device name and operating system, browser type and language Data we collect with cookies and similar technologies (see more below) General location data Precise geo-location data (GPS, with your consent) Data about your use of the Service, such as gameplay data and your interactions with other players inside the Service. WHY DO WE COLLECT YOUR DATA To make the Service work. To perform the contract, we process data necessary to Create accounts and allow you to play our games and use our Service Operate the Service Verify and confirm payments Provide and deliver products and services you request Send you Service-related communications To make the Service more suitable for our players. To provide a great Service to our players, we have a legitimate interest to collect and proc